Apr 06

Some of us already installed CameraPro, one downside to this app was that you had to pay after using some of it’s features.

Well now we have Snapture.

Snapture is almost identical to CameraPro, except for 1 thing.. It’s freeeeeeeeeee :)

I like this app, cause it gives you some more options that the standard Photo app doesn’t has.

You can chose to take your pictures in different color modes, eg Full color or Grayscale.
You can set a timer, it takes 5 seconds before shooting your pic.
You can set a burst mode of 3 pictures after each other.
You can set your picture size.
And you can zoom :)

Let’s go.

1) Install the application. You can find it under Utilities.

2) Let’s lauch the application.
The first screen you see, is where you can select your mode. eg (color mode, timer, burst and size)
You can directly choose to go to your preferences where you can set the following.

– Silent Mode
– Fast Burst
– Auto Rotation
– Use Leveler

You can choose to go to your pictures, an about screen and the help page.

To take a picture, you simply tap the screen or press your volume button :)

I like this app, cause:

1: it gives you some options the standard app should have had!
2: and it’s Free :)

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the Sleepers.net (old bigboss) packaging source, see our sources page.

Enjoy :)

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