Apr 05

I’ve already discussed some emulators and today i’m going to review the Gameboy advance emu for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

I must say version 1.5.0 also works very well, sometimes the sound lags, but it’s really playable with soud.

I played Super Mario Advance and ok, when i looked back on my watch it was 2 hours later :)

There’s not very much to tell so let’s just jump to the installation and all the info you guys/girls wanna know.

1) To install go to the games section in your installer. And chose the gpSPhone v1.5.0 from ZODTTD.com

2) After you have installed the app, upload upload a ROM to /var/(mobile or root depending on firmware)/Media/ROMs/GBA/ and upload the bios to /Applications/gpSPhone/

The bios can be found here.

Roms can be found here .

Please make sure you own the original games !!!!

Upload the roms + the bios via WinSCP or FUGU for mac.

For a howto upload + download files on your iPhone or iPod touch, go here .

2) Let’s run the app after installation. You will see a Splash-screen, just click ok here.
For this example i used Super Mario Advance.
The game works perfectly with the default settings, but you can always tweak some options in the settings page. If you want you can always save your game, so you can start again where you left off.

You can also play in landscape mode, but as you’re fingers will be covering half of the screen, it’s better to play in portrait mode. But this is up to you :)

This little app is available in the Installer.app through the ZODTTD packaging source, see our sources page.


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8 Responses to “Play Gameboy Advance games on your iPhone/iPod Touch with gpSphone”

  1. kes Says:

    hey , how do ya get em 2 save cuz myn wont save :'(

  2. lars Says:

    it is really laggy in most games

  3. maria Says:

    i have fallowed this instructions, but when i open up gpsphone and open the rom i want to play, top of the screen diplays “sorry but ipSP requires a gabeboy adva”. Can anyone tell me what it is am doing wrong? PLEEEASEEEE!! :oops:

  4. roberto Says:

    Hi i really dont understand step 2:
    2) After you have installed the app, upload upload a ROM to /var/(mobile or root depending on firmware)/Media/ROMs/GBA/ and upload the bios to /Applications/gpSPhone/
    plz help

  5. jack pickering Says:

    hi i downloaded the new version of installer and gpsphone isnt ther so is ther any way i can get the old version of installer back ??

  6. ThisGirl Says:

    hey does this only work for iphones? does it work for ipod touches?

  7. Jimmy Says:

    Can anyone tell me what program you mean by “installer”? Cause i have both cydIa and installous and in the first gpsphone has to be purchased and in the second one gpsphone isn’t found at all…

    Some help plz???

  8. Quek Says:

    The bios file is removed !!! What to do now ??? Can anyone send it to me ? quek_1996@live.com

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