Apr 05

I have had some question from people, on how to access the files on their iPhone.

If you wan’t to truly mod your iPhone, you will need to know how this works.

For now, i will only post how to do this via Windows.

1) first of all download WinSCP from here.

2) Install the app like you normally do with other apps.

3) Make sure you install BSDSUBSYSTEM and OpenSSH from your installer in the category SYSTEM.

4) Activate your wireless and find out what’s your ip.

5) Start WinSCP or FUGU

6) Fill in your ip address (you found it at step 4), fill in username : root, and password: alpine (this is for everybody the same, except if you have changed it (but if you have changed then this tutorial is not for you :p)

7) After you have pressed the login button, a popup window will appear. Just click ok.

8) In this screen, you’re iPhone iPod touch is the directory on the right.
Now you can start copying files from your iPhone to your desktop and vice-versa.

I’ll take the ROMs directory as an example.
To navigate to it. Go to your root and navigate to /private/var/mobile/Media/ROMs

9) Now you can create directory’s, upload and download files from your iPhone/iPod Touch. If you don’t understand something, just put it in the comments and i’ll respond asap.

Enjoy :)


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116 Responses to “Howto upload and download files from you iPhone /iPod touch”

  1. Sam Says:

    Autually, wat he needs is some sources… if you have cydia then
    download installer, the installer comes with only 1 or 2 sources…
    or thats the way my ipod works

  2. Sam Says:

    *and download installer*

  3. dude wtf!! Says:

    ok im cool with everything ive figured it all out easy,now that its done i dont ever want to use itunes ever agian so how do i alter the settings in ssh so i can not only drag and drop the files but also use them in my iphone,ive been toying with this too long and i need to know,i want to use it like a regular usb or mp3,so i can organize my media in the ssh,i love the iphone but HATE ITUNES!! thats why i jailbroke it so i can use third party,which is better than apple!

  4. scripted Says:

    how to install my application in my ipod …

  5. suha Says:

    am trying to upload pdf files on to my iphone !! can anyone tell me the steps
    cause my way is not working

  6. Jay Says:

    I have the iphone 3gs and I can not find the bsdsubsystem to install from cydia to my phone. 3.0 software…thanks

  7. jayjay Says:

    Hi, i have tried to transfer ipa files to iphone when i click on var it comes up with the following.

    Error listing directory ‘/private/var’.
    Error changing directory to ‘..’.

    its only on this laptop that it does it. ???

  8. ahmeng Says:

    Hi, currently using total commander with t-pot plugin to transfer files from PC to ipodtouch. However, after upgrade to FW3.1.2, the “Downloads” folder at
    \\\T-PoT\private\var\mobile\Library\Downloads\ doesnt seems to appear either way

    i.e if create from total comm, not visible from ipodtouch using dtunes / ifile

    if create from dtunes / ifile, not visible from total comm. What have I missed out

  9. Grant Says:

    Hi, i’ve set up everything for ssh and i dropped snes4iphone file in my fugu window now on Ifile i go var-mobile-libraries-but there is no downloads on the screen wondering oh and i turned on hidden files in Ifile settings same thing so im wondering do i need to drop download in a file on my computer i dont know?

  10. Rajshekar Reddy Says:

    Dude, Whenever I try to connect my iPhone 3gs I found ,”Network Error: Connection Timed Out” error message, later I thought this might be because of change I made in the Root Password from Alpine to someother but even after I change it to “Alpine” again, the same problem is occuring..Please please help me with this.

  11. aaron Says:

    ok there is a new program you can download where you dont have to sign in or anything. it is called disk aid and is really simple to use. just download that :D

  12. Mike Says:

    everything about that was awesome, thanks

  13. Mickus Says:

    can you list the folder that movies (.AVI) go into

  14. Offpricefashion.com Says:

    Are your phones jailbroken, coz mine is. and I use Total Commander to copy files, but never thought of copying mp3. I only use total commander to move PDF, DOC, XLS file and still use itunes to sync songs and movies.

  15. Gameboyfan Says:

    I can’t find bsd subsystem but I have openssh n I copied a rpm from doperoms but it still doesn’t show up

  16. Cashmere Says:

    Winscp will not load on my iPhone 4 it just keep saying safari want download file so whats my next alternative

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