Mar 30

Since firmware 1.1.3 you can pinpoint your location with google maps on your iPhone.

I found this an awesome tool but the problem is, that where i live, it’s far from exact. It shows me a circle of about the whole city, and honestly, i already know in what city i am.

In my search for something better, i found this little tool called Locate me.
It’s still not 100% accurate, but it shows me about 1 block of where i really are, and that is a huge improvement over the standard functionality of the google maps app.

Let me show you where you can find and install this app.

1) Go to your installer, utilities and install the Locate Me app.

2) After installation open the app. (make sure your wi-fi or EDGE is on) And click the big show in map button. If will show you

This is a very good replacement for the standard google maps function if your position is not accurately enough.

This little app is available in the under category Utilities through the PolarBear packaging source, see our sources page.


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2 Responses to “Locate me.”

  1. Pavant Tom Says:

    I’ve seen on the pictures that you live in Belgium just like me and that you’re using proximus? I’m on base and I’ll get my iPhone this WE, do you think this will work??
    Thanks for your information,

  2. Multinova Says:

    Hi Tom,

    That’s correct i’m from Belgium.
    If you don’t succeed in getting it to work, drop me a mail and we can discuss it over msn :)

    multinova ‘at’ domain above :)

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