Mar 27

What if you could stream your music and video library from anywhere in the world?

Well now that’s possible with WinAmp Remote.

Winamp remote turns your pc in a audio and video streamer over the web.

Let me show you how to install this little proggy.

1) First go to


2) Download the program there, and install it.

win1.JPG win2.JPGwin3.JPG

3) After the installation, the following screen will popup on your windoze.


4) Go to the second tab and register.

win5.JPG win6.JPGwin7.JPGwin8.JPG

5) After the setup and registration you can already see it in your browser. It will look like this.


6) If you want to change the folders where your music and videos are shared, you can find this in your taskbar by clicking right on it and selecting options.


7) If you leave your pc running with the winamp remote service on, you will be able to play all of your media from wherever you are in the world.

You only have to open Safari and navigate to on your iPhone or other device to see or play your media.

8) Here’s the iPhone/iPod touch video where you can see this setup working.

Enjoy :)


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