Mar 25

By now we have all heared about the iBand group.

They use iPhone applications to produce some nice sounding songs. I must admit that they are still very experimental,
but i do think they sound good!.

They have released a new song + video and a new contest.

What is the contest about?

What makes you feel alive? Post it on our website!*

It can be something you do every day or something completely new or
different that you always wanted to do, but never tried.

It??™s not about being better, higher, wilder –

it??™s about doing something that makes you really alive and shows your own vitality!
*(We know sex could be an option ??“ but we??™ll leave that in your bedroom… ; ))

What will the winner get?

We will publish ALL transmittals with picture on our homepage.
The winner will have the very first hand crafted and so far only

iBand SINGLE CD!!!
(featuring all 3 songs)

At the end of the contest we??™ll shoot a little award ceremony and put in on YouTube.

How can I participate?

Send us a picture that shows your vitality with a short description (5 sentences max.)
of who you are and what your vitality action is about:
subject: ???Vitality Contest???.

Entry deadline will be the 25th of April, 2008

So don??™t lose time!

We are really looking forward to seeing your ideas!

You can read the full story here

As extra here are the 3 video’s the guys have made.

I’ll post a howto for the iBand programs later :)


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