Mar 24

Noiz2sa is a really addictive 2d shooter.

The first thing that pops out of my mind when playing this game, is the old Arcade Galaga.

Let me start by saying what i really like about this game.

It’s really simple to play and to navigate with your spaceship.

The possibility to upload your score to the network.

Let me tell you what i don’t like.

There’s not really much about this game that i don’t like except for the fact when you’re in a hard level and you are navigating with your finger, that it’s sometimes hard to see what’s coming, as you’re shadow of your hand is blocking some of the screen.

Now let’s go to the screenshots.


Everytime you start the game, you will be asked enter your username so you can upload your highscore to the website.

Then you chose the level.


This little app is available in the through the iPod Touch source, see our sources page.

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