Mar 24

Pysl stands for Protect your secret life. And that’s exactly what this app promises to do.

The app promises some really nifty features, however none of them seem to be working for now.

I must say that the interface looks very nice so far, the responsiveness is not quite ok, but it’s only version 0.31.

For more information you can go to the developers site.

I’ll show you some screenshots no how to configure the app.
Please keep in mind that this is still very very beta software!

I’ll guide you trough the program with some screenshots.

1) Let’s install the app.


2) After installation you need to reboot your iPhone.

3) Let’s start the app.

4) You can add users to the blacklist by pressing the blacklist ;)


5) In the next screen press Add to add a contact to your blacklist.


6) In this new screen, press Add number from contact. (Add number from sms and from call is not working).


7) Select the person you want to Blacklist.


8) You will return to the blacklist screen, with the user-info filled in. Here you can select if you want to block sms, stop calls or automatically delete the sms’es coming from the user. Press add to contact list to activate these settings.


9) You will return to the Blacklist screen with the contact added that you want to block. Here you can also remove the contact again if the block is no longer needed. (tap on the name to remove it)


10) The same procedure goes for the whitelist.


Let’s check some extra options.

11) The sms history and call history (not working yet) shows you your blacklisted calls and sms’es.


12) The sheduler is not working yet. so let’s skip this and go to the settings.


13) The settings are pretty straightforward. You can activate the vibration and a status bar, and set a password.

I’d say that this program is certainly worth while, but i would recommend waiting for a later release. :)

This little app is available in the through the Iclarified source, see our sources page.

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  1. Javier Says:

    Plase , May you tell me where i can buy PYSL for G1

  2. Robbin Says:

    I want it for G1 too any ideals

  3. driver79 Says:

    Monbiot is clearly trying to narrow the terms of the debate unilaterally and unfairly, blah blah blah. ,

  4. Samuel Says:

    I WANT

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