Mar 23

Everybody loves watching youtube movies.
From music clips to jackass to Jeff Dunhamm.
All you ever need for entertainment is there.
What if you could save those video’s on your iPhone or iPod Touch for later viewing?
Well NOW it’s possible!
You can download the movies from youtube with MxTube.Let me explain you how to do this.

1)First connect to the internet via either EDGE or your Wi-Fi connection.
2) Run the app MxTube. Accept the license and click ok on the Donate splash-screen.




3) On the splash-screen of MxTube, click on search.


4) Click on the search-field, typ Jeff Dunham as an example and hit the search button.




5) You will receive the full list of movies within your search.
In this case let’s download Ahmed.
Click on Achmed and a new window will pop open.
Select either High (if you have Wi-Fi) or Low (if you have EDGE).



6) You can see the process of the download by clicking the downloads button.



7) When the download has finished, go to Videos, and voila there you have your movies on the go.


8) Now you can watch the movies any time you like without being connected to the internet.

Have fun :)

ps: You can download the app via the BigBoss repo.

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One Response to “Saving Youtube video’s with MxTube”

  1. Pablo Says:

    i have a problem with this app once i find the video, when i try to download it and it asks me whether i want to us wifi for quality, etc, it automatically goes back to my desktop and it does not download the clip…

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