Mar 22

Everybody knows by now that ringtons for the iPhone are a problem.Standard you’re not possible to use your purchased music as a ringtone without paying an extra fee in iTunes.
Luckily Eric Degrange created Ringtones to solve this problem.
I will show you exactly how you can use this nifty program to use your custom ringtones.

1) Start the program by pressing on the Ringtones icon.

2) Push the Start Converting button.

3) The program will check if all is ok. It’s possible that the program asks for an internet connection.

4) Select your future ringtone.

5) Choose Quick conversion or Advanced conversion.

6) If you chose quick the first 30 seconds of the song will be converted to a ringtone.

7) If you chose Advanced conversion it will bring you to a new screen where you can select the start time of your song.
You can also select if you want to hear the preview.
And if the song doesn’t get correctly encoded, you can always try to convert it to wav first, then press convert now, and off we go…


8) Now that we have converted our ringtone, we need to set it up on our iPhone.
Go to your settings and select sounds.
8.jpg 9.jpg10.jpg

You’re ringtone is now set !

To delete any ringtone go to Ringtones app, then go to your music, then click on the Ringtones button on the top left.


To download this app, go to your Installer, go to sources, and add

4 Responses to “Custom Ringtones”

  1. charly Says:

    where do you downlaod jamendo to your iphone?
    i cannot find it in the installer…

  2. Multinova Says:

    Hi Charly,

    You have to add to the list of your sources.

    For help on the sources, you can go have a look on our sources page ( and a howto install sources you can find here ( Both links are on the top of the page :)


  3. jason Says:

    The ringtone application when i put i put on my iphone 1.1.4 it made my phone have no volume that is because i must install the Skrewcommon package first and when i done this there is no volume at all so i flashed the iphone again and it cost my £15 every time

    please can u tell my is skrewcommon is bug free? need help badly!!!

  4. jason Says:

    can u put iphone 3g 2.0 on to the iphone 1.1.4?

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